Greensboro Metropolis Council Returns to Digital Conferences in Response to Delta Variation | Native authorities

Courtesy of Greensboro City

GREENSBORO – City council is taking the delta variant of the COVID-19 virus seriously enough to return to Zoom for all of its meetings.

The city announced on Friday that the council will meet virtually at its next regular meeting on August 17th.

“We observed daily positivity rates and the percentage of people in Guilford County who were vaccinated,” Mayor Nancy Vaughan wrote in a text message. “The city manager has turned to individual council members and employees. For reasons of security and efficiency, it was decided to return to virtual meetings for the time being. “

The news is a dramatic step back from the gradual opening of its sessions that the Council has been working towards since April.

At this point, the council was holding its first meeting in the council chambers, having met on Zoom for about a year during the pandemic.

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Until June 15, when the sessions were fully open to the public, only media were allowed in the chambers besides the city and staff.

Then the Delta variant struck.

Since then, cases and hospital stays have grown rapidly and steadily.

The city announced in its press release that city councils and commissions will also meet at Zoom in the foreseeable future.

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