Greensboro metropolis elections postponed to subsequent yr; a brand new state regulation requires the delay | Native authorities

One reason for this is the cost: the city would spend an additional $ 200,000 to hold two elections, one in the fall and one in 2022.

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Collicutt said, “The filing will be in December if you can get me your districts by November 17th. If you can’t, they will be postponed to January.”

The Greensboro city attorney has estimated it could take up to 12 weeks to redraw districts if necessary.

The city has been discussing the possibility of a delayed election for months after it became clear that the census data would be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

And the general assembly law, backed by both parties, has been working its way through the legislature for weeks as municipalities across the state sought advice.

“That bill came as no surprise,” said Collicutt. “This was first introduced over a month ago and went through the normal scrap process.”

Several city council members said they were reluctant to postpone the election because they felt voters had elected them for a well-defined four-year term. But they said during recent meetings that a delay might become inevitable. Now it is state law.

Despite the delay, it is unclear whether Greensboro will need to redefine its five boroughs. That depends on whether the population changes have affected the balance between the districts.

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