Greensboro metropolis guides intervene after Mom’s request for housing: “I used to be actually moved by this story.”

GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) – Greensboro councilor Goldie Wells said Thursday she contacted a family attorney for Tanesha McCray, a mother of two who spoke about the loss of her home during a news conference Wednesday.

McCray and a family lawyer spoke on Wednesday after McCray’s running vehicle was stolen on Friday and their 5-month-old daughter was still inside.

The baby was found unharmed in Winston-Salem hours later.

Dr. Irish Spencer told reporters she wanted people to know the full story of McCray’s situation. She explained that the family home on Omaha Street had recently been convicted and McCray followed a moving truck as she pulled up to a gas station to ask for directions.

“We’re asking the town to come out, we’re asking the township to come out, we’re asking Guilford County to come out, we’re asking all the politicians who are lifelong politicians in the town, I want to know which one came to your house, knocked on the door and asked she: ‘How are you?’ “Said Spencer. “We see her and we see the baby, but she’s got a lot on her mind right now.”

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Wells said Thursday she was unaware of McCray’s situation and reached out to the Greensboro Housing Authority and Spencer after the press conference.

“She said they called a lot of interested people, landlords said they had a place. So I hope she finds a place that is a good place for her and the two girls, ”Wells said.

The District 2 representative said that safe housing is a top priority for the city, but there are a number of challenges.

“We urgently need more inspectors,” she said. “There are a lot of things that need to be done, but we really want the people of Greensboro to have the best quality of life possible.”

Troy Powell manages code enforcement in the city. He says inspectors need more people to report issues so they can step in to help.

“You can drive down the street and the outside of the house looks good, but the inside of the house could be lacking flooring, water pipes that are leaking or broken. The damp floors that you walk on and almost fall through the soil inside the structure tell a different story, ”Powell said.

He said the owners bought the property as soon as the enforcement case opened.

McCray stays with loved ones until her family can find shelter.

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