Greensboro Police Chief says violent crime is on the draw back

Greensboro Chief Police Officer says violent crime in the city is declining, but there is still more to be done.

Chief Brian James told the city council on Thursday that Greensboro violent crime statistics are lower than the same period last year, contradicting national trends.

The News & Record reports James presented a number of positive statistics that include a 17 percent decrease in the total number of violent crimes. He also said his department had confiscated more than twice as many illegal firearms as it did a year ago at the time.

But while promoting social programs to combat violent crime, the boss admitted that poverty is still the root cause of the problem.

That sentiment was underscored by Councilor Goldie Wells, who said the crime maps reflect that East Greensboro Districts 1 and 2 display “a legacy of neglect” in terms of employment and education.

Wells said the police couldn’t shoulder all of the blame and it was up to the city council to tackle a variety of factors, including poverty, inadequate housing and inadequate internet access.

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