Greensboro residences on the market; Neighbors say advanced wants redesign

Posted: 04/13/2017 / 6:33 PM EDTUpdated: 04/13/2017 / 6:33 PM EDT

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GREENSBORO, NC – A Greensboro apartment complex is for sale and neighbors say it needs renovation.

Community leaders are working to revitalize the entire Cottage Grove neighborhood and hope the Avalon Trace News Owners will join them.

Most of the complex’s 176 apartments are over 50 years old. Some of them were renovated in 2012, but Greensboro Housing Coalition members say the conditions inside are poor.

“I’ve seen conditions that … I just didn’t think this was a reality in Greensboro,” said Josie Williams of the Greensboro Housing Coalition.

“I’ve been to Avalon Trace’s properties a dozen times and faced some very significant repair issues, from cockroaches to mold and moisture to roof leaks,” said Brett Byerly, coalition chief executive officer.

“I’ve been here for about 25 years and have been,” said Verna Torain, president of the Cottage Grove Neighborhood Association. She lives down the street from Avalon Trace.

Now the property is for sale and neighbors think a renovation of the complex could help improve the entire Cottage Grove community.

“It could be beautiful,” said Patricia MacFoy, executive director of the New Hope Community Development Group. “It could be a place where people can grow their families, where people can be proud of the place where they live.”

A representative of the complex’s owners said they will fix the exterior of the property, including the roofs and landscaping, before it is sold.

But buyers will be responsible for improving the units.

“Our hope is that anyone who decides to buy this place knows what they’re getting,” said Byerly.

The company’s representative said they plan to sell to a buyer who has experience renovating properties that need major improvements. But to keep the rent down, around $ 400 or $ 500, the new owner can only invest that much money.

“We know you can’t put in $ 50,000 per door and keep rents the same,” Byerly said.

This is where groups like the Greensboro Housing Coalition and the Cottage Grove Neighborhood Association come in.

“We want people to live comfortably,” said MacFoy. “We want people to live in a healthy environment.”

They want people in every neighborhood to get in touch and get in touch when the conditions are not right.

“Community voices really matter, and they matter, and the power that is heard when the community speaks,” said Byerly.

The representative of the owners of Avalon Trace said several potential buyers had already come forward.


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