Greensboro says it could assist as much as 500 households with a $ 2 million assist bundle, in accordance with native information


GREENSBORO – Low-income people who cannot afford their rent, utilities or mortgage payments because they are financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic could soon get a lifeline from the city and the federal government.

Greensboro has received approximately $ 2 million from the Federal CARES Act to provide one-time assistance to tenants and homeowners.

The city has earmarked $ 713,000 for rent and utility bills and $ 100,000 for mortgages, officials said this week.

Stanley Wilson, the city’s urban development director, said Friday the money will help between 400 and 500 families.

Housing problems have worsened during the economic recession caused by the coronavirus shutdown, Wilson said.

“With the city facing affordable housing problems, it is important that we help families in our community stay in their homes during this pandemic,” said Wilson. “We don’t have an exact number, but we know evictions have been a problem in our community and the problem has grown as a result of the pandemic.”

The Greensboro Housing Coalition is administering the aid. To qualify, a resident’s home must be within Greensboro city limits and have a household income between $ 37,050 and $ 69,850.

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