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Build higher taxes

For many months, Nancy Pelosi upheld the bipartisan infrastructure law, stressing that we need the Build Back Better law at the same time. We needed both to improve roads, bridges, broadband, water, etc.

What was in BBB? We’d find out if we happened it.

A week ago the Infrastructure Act was passed and President Biden signed. We also found that none of the road / bridge infrastructure improvements are in BBB.

The N&R gave us the highlights of the Infrastructure Act on November 14th. Granted Dollars: $ 110 billion for roads and bridges; $ 39 billion for transportation systems; $ 7.5 billion for charging stations; $ 5 billion for electric school buses; $ 65 billion for broadband; $ 65 billion for the power grid; $ 65 billion for water and sewage. Add it up: $ 356.5 billion, or just about a third of the total. Where’s the rest of the trillion dollars on the bill? Apparently not important enough to mention infrastructure.

Coming soon is BBB, which is billed as necessary to combat climate change. But even now, the $ 1.85 trillion bill includes only $ 550 billion (less than 30%) for clean energy and climate change. The rest are freebies.

Oh, and there is a tax regulation that probably makes us the highest taxed country in the world.

It was self defense

Here you are again, Associated Press / media / journalism, with more misleading, bogus, fake news.

In the November 22nd April front page AP article, writer Morgan Lee writes: “When Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted in two murders he said were self-defense … “.

That’s what a jury of his colleagues said! No, not what he said, what our fairest and just justice system said.

And only after a thorough and lengthy public trial and four days of deliberations by the jury.

Why are “armed patrols in neighborhoods commonplace”? Because the city and state government by liberal democrats refuses:

1) Provide adequate police to patrol the streets to stop the rampant arson, pillage, robbery and murder.

2) Refuses to detain those responsible, release them back onto the streets, etc., etc., etc.

In addition, decades of “diversity”, “inclusion”, “open borders” and a liberal, non-judgmental stance in America have created an uncivilized culture that refuses to mix with Western European, Anglo-Saxon, Judeo-Christian culture created this great country and maintained for over 200 years.

That’s a fact, Jack. No fake news.

Not a bad word

Regarding the letter “Words matter”, in which the author writes: “My daughter is not an ‘ism'” (November 21):

The author was referring to statements made by Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson on transgenderism, noting that GLAAD (formerly known as the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) stated that the term “transgenderism” was used by anti-transgender activists to dehumanize transgender people.

GLAAD is a media organization for the LGBT community that promotes positive cultural change against defamation of these groups. Such a statement would be highly antagonistic and I doubt they would make such a negative statement if they actually promote a more positive perspective of this community.

Transgenderism in the sense of the Cambridge English Dictionary is “the condition of someone who has the feeling that they are not the same gender (= gender) as what they were or should be at birth.” Gov. Mark Robinson was right in his use of the term transgenderism and it was not used to dehumanize transgender people.

Editor’s note: According to a glossary on the GLAAD website: “Transgenderism” is not a commonly used term by transgender people. This is a term used by anti-transgender activists to dehumanize transgender people and reduce them to a “state”. Instead, refer to transgender or refer to the transgender community.

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