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Representatives from SCP distributors, Superior Pool Products and the parent company POOLCORP present the Greensboro YMCA with funding for Safety Around Water lessons for 1000 students. From left: Lesley Watts, Channah Valkos, Rhonda Anderson, Hollie Carlson, Marlee Rindal, Justine Intiso, Larry Burnett and Chris Carter of the YMCA of Greensboro; Will Buchanan of Superior Pool Products; John Tippet and Matt Tarleton from SCP distributors.

Greensboro, NC, November 24, 2021 Greensboro’s YMCA works with SCP Distributors, Inc. and its parent company POOLCORP to provide scholarships to local children for water safety courses. With the donated funds, more than 1,000 children who otherwise might not be able to afford to attend will receive classes in Safety Around Water (SAW).

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“We are very happy to have the opportunity to help thousands more children through our water sports program. We are grateful for the resources that POOLCORP has entrusted to the Y and look forward to our continued partnership with the organization. “

– Rhonda Anderson, President and CEO of the Greensboro YMCA.

The Safety Around Water program consists of a course of eight 40-minute sessions in which students learn key skills in and around water, including survival skills like pushing off the pool floor to surface, safety skills like water rescue techniques, and spotting a safe space for swimming and basic swimming skills such as swimming, bubble and beginner swimming.

Greensboro’s YMCA plans to launch the new program in early 2022 at its locations in Guilford and Rockingham Counties.

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The Greensboro YMCA was founded in 1889 with a mission to put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy mind, spirit, and body for all. Through its eight branches and YMCA Camp Weaver, the Greensboro YMCA strengthens the foundations of our community by providing a warm and friendly environment where people of all ages, races, beliefs, beliefs, and physical and financial abilities participate in programs and experiences who will make a positive difference in their life. For more information on Greensboro’s YMCA, visit


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