Greensboro’s Birthday Man, who sang tens of 1000’s of birthday greetings to parishioners, has died Perception & Values

At the age of 19 he met the love of his life and his future wife Connie at a Halloween party. When she died in 1996, they had been married for 54 years.

He was once the voice of – “WLOE, the wonderful land of Eden,” he said, repeating the radio station’s promo.

Over the years he had another love: singing.

One of his favorite photos is one in which he appears as an adult in the Gate City Quartet with chic shirts and bow ties.

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At that time, the former Sunday School teacher and deacon was often asked to sing solos at weddings, funerals and special celebrations, for example during his church’s missionary trip to Germany.

In 1998 he had trouble seeing the music and could no longer sing in his beloved choir. The eye disease ocular histoplasmosis almost blinded him. He had to be almost eye level to see her, and he was hard of hearing.

Webb moved to Greensboro in 2000 to be closer to his children, Barry and Betsy.

In the military, for others and later for himself, he had always received awards for his work ethic, including Eden’s Broker of the Year in the 1980s.

That work ethic would take a different turn.

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