Greensboro’s Gianluca Busio begins the following part of his soccer profession | Sports activities

“I train in both positions (with the national team) so we’ll see,” said Busio, “but I think (Berhalter) really just wants me to show myself. He called me for a reason and I deserved the call. “

“It’s about timing and it’s about form, and its time has come,” said Berhalter when the squad was announced. “He did a great job and I’m really looking forward to bringing him to camp and working with him, but also testing him at this international level. He will play in games. “

The growth of Busio’s game has attracted the interest of a number of European clubs, particularly in his father Alessandro’s home country of Italy. Gianluca also has an Italian passport, which would make a move to a team in Serie A much easier. But he’s not worried about that now.

“I somehow learned to leave that behind,” he says of the transfer speculation. “I focus on the Gold Cup and I always see it that way. When I’m in Kansas City playing MLS games, that’s what I focus on. The stuff will find out by itself. I have people around me who can do it for me. “

Busio tackles the challenges of battling for a place on the national team in World Cup qualifiers later this year and advancing his career, be it in the MLS or in Europe.

“It will be difficult for anyone (who plays in the Gold Cup) to make it onto the World Cup qualifying list,” said Busio. “Especially for me, since this is my first camp, I’ll take that as an attempt. I want to play so well that (Berhalter) has to get me into qualification, and that’s what I’m focusing on and trying to get out of this camp. “

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