Greensboro’s Mark Walker stays within the Senate race in the meanwhile | Native authorities

Club for Growth Action is a Washington political action committee that plans to spend at least $ 10 million to empower Budd.

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Walker resisted reports that after meeting Trump he had decided to end his Senate bid.

“Even before I got back to meet President Trump, some reports said that we had made a decision to do all of this was simply not factual,” Walker said.

Walker said he took a call from McCrory over the weekend to answer some questions McCrory had about his political future.

In an interview on Thursday, McCrory said he believed a Walker exit would give him a boost over Budd, though an internal survey his campaign made available shows a bump well within the margin of error.

While Walker are more ideologically similar, he has not seen Budd at eye level in recent months, especially as Walker privately encouraged Budd to seek another term in the House of Representatives rather than running for the Senate.

He and McCrory blame Budd for his connections with the Club for Growth and continue to be upset by his refusal to have a conversation about participating in a debate. Jonathan Felts, an adviser to Budd, noted that the Congressman would like to see the field of nominees submitted before agreeing to any debate.

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