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After 14-0 in the first half, the Whirlies’ second chance for a title shot seemed to swirl around the drain.

That is, until Butler faked a punt in less than 30 seconds and Grimsley scored a first hit at the Bulldogs 49. Seconds later, the Jamieson Stadium was full of cheers and delirium when Tutuh crossed the goal line.

“The plan was to go out of line and stop the clock, but I knew if I moved from within I could just take it to the crib,” Tutuh said.

Tutuh made the biggest game, but he was surrounded by teammates who showed up at key times to score a win. Barnett played with his feet to keep the crucial drives alive, while junior receiver Tyson Resper’s 58-yard touchdown catch helped equalize towards the end of the third quarter.

“The coach told us we would win before the game and in the locker room all week, so I just knew everyone would step up and play,” said Resper.

Part of the Whirlies’ schedule to stop the Butler Offensive was showing off a four-man front, which included Lawson Albright. Albright spent much of the night in the Bulldogs backcourt chasing butchers and running back Davion Nelson.

“I knew the staff all week and the way they let the ball run that we had to stick it in,” said Albright.

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