Hair care firm Greensboro closes a deal to launch its merchandise nationwide

GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) – Great things can come from the combination of a good idea, hard work, and some faith. Just ask Ramona Woods.

Romana and her husband Michael started a hair care company called Ashtae Products, which has products that are suitable for all hair types for people of all races, although they paid special attention to making things that would work for African American and other people of color.

For years after their introduction in 1994, they pushed forward and sold a little more each year. Then the pandemic hit.

You will have a hard time finding an industry more affected by the pandemic than haircare – salons across the state have been closed for months by government orders.

But the Woods kept going and when we see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, their company just got a big boost.

L’Oreal – the world’s largest cosmetics company – has just signed an agreement to buy and sell Ashtae products in its nearly 600 SalonCentric stores in the United States

“We always worked towards something like this, but I didn’t know L’Oreal would even notice us, but I’m glad they saw the value,” said Woods.

The deal officially starts on January 10th, but they have been working for a while to be ready for the expansion.

“We have already hired four people and we will certainly hire more,” said Woods. “In particular, we are looking for the right person as operations manager.”

Over the past 27 years there have been times when Ramona, Michael and their daughter Taylore, who took over as CEO last year, didn’t know how big their company could or would get, but they never lost faith.

“It’s amazing that a small business here in Greensboro can do all of this,” said Woods.

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