Housing Hub opens in Greensboro to assist with inexpensive housing

The aim of the Housing Hub is to increase the collective capacity beyond the 6,000 low-income people currently served by providing housing, education and vocational training to low-income people.

A center of nonprofits has opened in Greensboro to help people find affordable housing. Governor Roy Cooper was in town Thursday for the opening of the Greensboro Housing Hub.

The hub, the first of its kind in the state, is a coalition of six nonprofit groups including Community Housing Solutions, Greensboro Housing Coalition, Habitat for Humanity, Housing Consultants Group, Partnership Homes, and Tiny Houses Greensboro. The Housing Hub works like a shop window; a one stop shop for various ways to find affordable housing and own your dream home.

“We’re helping move people from homelessness into apartments and then into houses,” said Maria Hanlin, executive director of Habitat for Humanity Greater Greensboro. Hanlin added that thousands of housing units are still needed to meet demand in the county.

The hub was created specifically for Guilford County residents who fall into the low income bracket and who have struggled to save for better housing.

According to the Housing Hub, their goal is to increase collective capacity beyond the 6,000 low-income people currently being cared for. They plan to provide not only housing for low income but also education and training services. The groups found that 55% of Greensboro households have low incomes and that more than 35,000 families spend more than 30% of their income on housing.

“Housing is more expensive in urban areas and more in rural areas, there is not enough housing, so this is a national problem,” said Governor Roy Cooper.

Homeowner Keisha Cunningham-Dockery said the program has helped her and she does not have to pay rent.

“When I got my habitat home, I didn’t have a car, so I had to ride my bike to the construction site to build my house,” said Cunningham-Dockery, who moved out of their old neighborhood for safety reasons.

The hub is located at 1031 Summit Avenue.

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