Housing Lawyer Brett Byerly Resigns as Head of Greensboro Housing Coalition | Newest information

Greensboro is ranked among the top 10 worst cities in the nation to be evicted, and Byerly has worked with other agencies for years to find ways to deal with and reverse the problem, a tenant and a landlord each.

He said his agency, which helps people find affordable housing, helps with rental deposits and other hurdles, also wants to make sure the most vulnerable keep the homes they already have.

That means giving priority to families with children who live below the poverty line and disabled people who would be homeless if they got into disputes that could lead to eviction, Byerly said.

“If you can keep people on safety nets, that’s part of the priority,” he said.

The eviction is just one of the many challenges that have led to what Mayor Nancy Vaughan calls the “housing crisis” in the city, with more luxury homes than affordable housing being built and the homeless population growing.

Vaughan said Monday she will miss Byerly – but she plans to keep his cell phone number.

“Brett is one of my favorite people,” said Vaughan. “I was really disappointed to hear that he was pulling out of the Greensboro Housing Coalition.”

Vaughan said she and the city council will closely monitor the progress of the eviction resolution program and will consider helping it with city funds if it goes well.

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