How ought to American Rescue Plan funding go into housing? Greensboro Metropolis searching for public enter to find out the greenback

GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) – With $ 5.7 billion, what would you do to make North Carolina better?

The state receives some of these funds under the US rescue plan, and there are many opinions about how that money should be spent.

FOX8 spoke to people walking around downtown Greensboro on Thursday.

The one thing that many people might agree on is that some money is needed to build a house.

“Everyone needs a roof over their head, has to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. And everyone has to support their families, ”said Clay Huff, a Greensboro resident.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shed a bright light on housing problems in the city and in the county.

“I’ve seen a lot of people, especially in the city center and around the UNCG campus, struggling with housing and homelessness,” said Mary Martinez, who also lives in Greensboro.

“[The pandemic] That only made things worse, of course, with massive job cuts, downsizing and layoffs, ”said Bruce Rich, Housing and Urban Policy Coordinator for UNC Greensboro’s Housing and Community Studies program.

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He said nearly $ 8 million in federal and local funds were allocated to help Guilford County’s residents with rent.

“If the 12 months or up to 12 months [assistance] can pay anything [the back rent]and paying a few more months in the future will solve the problem for many tenants, ”said Rich.

He believes that the additional funds should be used to have a long-term impact.

“There are so many streams of funding,” said Rich.

Governor Roy Cooper proposed that $ 575 million of the state’s share of the US bailout plan be made available solely for residential use.

Rich told FOX8 that money, along with some of the $ 59 million the city of Greensboro will receive, could help get to the heart of the triad housing problem.

“I think what needs to be done is to address the more fundamental problem of insufficient affordable housing,” he said. “[We need] long-term expansion of affordable housing, public housing and improvement of existing public housing. “

There is no schedule of when or how much money each area in the state will receive.

Greensboro officials are currently looking for community input before determining their dollars.

Here is the online interactive tool that people can use to create their vision with the money.

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