Hungry to Assist: Native Couple Raises Cash to Assist Construct Second Harvest Meals Financial institution Satellite tv for pc Web site in Greensboro | Native

On-site manager Peabody Griffin loads cargo full of donated goods onto a pallet in the Greensboro distribution center for Second Harvest Food B …

The agency deliberately chose a location in one of the city’s food deserts – so named because the residents of these areas have limited access to fresh fruit and products.

It would take teamwork, but more importantly, Aft and others say, getting the attention of people around town who didn’t know that 40% of the food Second Harvest hands out goes to nonprofits and agencies in Greensboro and High Point that will help bring the food to the dining tables.

In the end, the group raised nearly $ 2.5 million.

“If a friend from Greensboro called you, it would be easier to hear the story,” said Kevin Gray of the Bennetts of the Weaver Foundation, “than someone you don’t know.”

A “generous place”

The Bennetts have often been those friends of Greensboro, though they prefer to be behind the scenes.

When Marianne Bennett, a member of Art Quest, the education branch of the Green Hill Center in the downtown Greensboro Cultural Center building, learned years ago that a popular arts program was going to be closed to non-members, she went to see her friends.

Art Quest opened its doors to non-members on Wednesday evening so parents can come and get creative with their children. On these evenings, anyone interested in art could take a child with them to paint, sculpt, draw, dress up or act.

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