Husband, mom indicted after Greensboro Salvation Military hunchback was hit by car on his manner residence

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Jasper Wingate Jr.

GREENSBORO, NC – A man and his mother are charged after a Salvation Army worker was hit by a vehicle while walking down West Gate City Boulevard.

Katrina Lou Calles, 57, was hit by a hit near the intersection of West Gate City Boulevard and Warren Street near the UNCG campus around 8:45 p.m. Tuesday.

Jasper Wingate Jr. was charged with negligent homicide, according to court records. Hazel Lewis Wingate, the suspect’s mother, was allegedly a passenger at the time and was charged with failing to report an accident and encouraging the suspect to escape.

The Greensboro Salvation Army reports that Calles had worked as a bell ringer at one of their locations the night before. Your neighbors tell FOX8 that they started this a week ago.

“She just wanted to help people,” said Anita Thompson.

Greensboro Salvation Army rings the bell on their way home driven by vehicle; in critical condition

It is believed that she took the bus from where she rang the bell to the stop near her home and was less than 200 meters from her front door when she was hit.

According to eyewitnesses, a limo-style vehicle left the scene and drove on Gate City Boulevard west of the UNCG campus towards Greensboro Coliseum.

Thompson said although she was shocked to learn that her neighbor had been hit, she feared something like this would happen. She said the drivers were not paying attention and were racing down her street.

“I was almost hit several times when I got off the bus when I got home. I saw several wrecks up there. I mean we just need a light. It was just a matter of time, “she said.

Calles was supposed to ring in one place on Wednesday night.

She is currently in critical condition in the hospital.

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