‘I am a very good mom’: Greensboro mom of stolen youngster speaks trauma, defends parenting | Native

Before judging McCray, Spencer said the public needed a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding Nora’s abduction.

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Before arriving at the gas station, McCray’s house had just been sentenced.

“The porch collapsed,” Spencer explained.

The family quickly found a truck, loaded things, and left.

According to Spencer, McCray went to the gas station and pulled her car to the curb, right by the front door. With another daughter in tow, a 3 year old, she went to the door and opened it.

“Your car is right there,” said Spencer. “She can almost touch it. The door is open. She yells at someone for directions and that nut comes and jumps in and takes her vehicle. “

The person who stole the car has since been identified as a 15-year-old from Winston-Salem, who was arrested Monday and has since been charged with kidnapping and theft of a first degree motor vehicle.

McCray, while Nora slept against her chest, told the parents to remain vigilant.

“Always pay attention to your surroundings,” she said. “For any minor child – never leave them in the car for a split second.”

According to Spencer, the agencies contacted McCray and told her they may need to investigate whether or not she is a “good mother”.

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