If you’re out and about, the Greensboro Social District is a superb place to stroll round and drink in hand | Native information

The rules of the social district apply between noon and 9 p.m.

Councilor Sharon Hightower, who voted against the measure, suggested that Center City Park be banned from the district because it is frequented by the homeless.

However, deputy city manager Trey Davis stated that the restaurants around LeBauer were the reason this park was included.

Hightower wasn’t so sure that the homeless were not consuming beverages that could be disposed of in the trash in Center City Park.

“People go aimlessly places,” said Hightower. “I don’t think people who buy a drink get a card. I see potential for a catastrophe there. “

Councilor Goldie Wells, who also opposed the ordinance, is concerned about how public alcohol use will affect crime.

“We’ve had so many incidents of crime or things that weren’t good at these restaurants and they say back that people are drunk and upset,” Wells said. “I don’t know if people are walking up and down the street with drinks.”

On a related matter, the council also passed a resolution allowing the city to set up a security review body to help assess violent incidents in restaurants, clubs and bars. The Audit Committee would meet after a violent incident to discuss what happened and what to do next.

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