“Inexpensive Housing Is At Disaster Stage”: Greensboro Metropolis Guides and Native Companies are working collectively to broaden inexpensive housing choices

(WGHP) – If you’ve tried buying or renting a home or apartment in the Triad, you’ve found the prices to be unprecedented.

“Have a low income. It’s all based on $ 700, 800, 900, and you’re only working with $ 760, ”said James Harris.

Harris was looking for affordable housing after experiencing an emergency that forced him to live in an emergency shelter.

Since his monthly income was below the average rental cost, he was disadvantaged.

“You have to have personal things; You must eat. It doesn’t leave you much, ”he said.

“It is becoming increasingly difficult to find affordable housing for the homeless in the community,” said Shanna Reece.

Shanna Reece is the executive director of the nonprofit The Servant Center. It is one of 14 community partners who work with the Greensboro City Neighborhood Development Department. The mission is to serve those who are most difficult to serve.

“We are in the process of developing a loan fund for the maintenance of residential real estate that will make a major contribution to stabilizing real estate and communities. That’s supposed to be a loan pool of around $ 30 million, ”said Michelle Kennedy, director of NDD.

She says Greensboro City Council members will be considering the city’s first permanent housing estate on Monday night. An airplane that would transform the Regency Inn and Suites on North O. Henry Boulevard into affordable housing

“That will be 74 units of affordable housing for people moving out of homelessness,” said Kennedy.

It’s renovations and projects like this that help people like Harrises find homes.

“I love it. Instead of living in a shelter with 1,000 people. You put a pencil on your bed and it’s gone. You have your own house, you can put a pencil on your kitchen table, and when you get home it is it’s still there, it means a lot, ”said Harris.

The projects are funded by a combination of state, federal, municipal and private funds.

If you are interested in a donation, you can donate directly to one of the 14 community partners.

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Housing consultant group
Interactive resource center
Greensboro Salvation Army
The servant center
Youth focus – acting together
YWCA from Greensboro
Room at the Inn Inc.
UNCG – Center for Housing and
Community studies


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