Inside Scoop: Greensboro Council candidate Jim Kee indicators with GOP | Native information

Scoop argues that the move has some meaning, otherwise he wouldn’t have done it. Perhaps it’s a strategy to bridge the gap between Kee and Wells, who received nearly 54 percent of the vote in the October 10 primary.

Kee was second by a distance with 20.6 percent.

It won’t help him gain followers from the third-placed, according to the third-placed.

CJ Brinson, a church organizer and pastor running on a platform to disrupt the status quo, received 19.57 percent of the vote.

Brinson said Friday he spoke with Kee about a possible endorsement – which Brinson says may or may not happen.

But Brinson, who works at the Beloved Community Center and works with Black Lives Matter, said Kee lost most of those voters when he switched party affiliations.

You won’t vote for a Republican, Brinson said.

“It wasn’t a bad idea. Don’t get me wrong,” Brinson said of Kee’s change of party. “I understand why he did it. The Democratic Party won’t give him any money.”

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