Is there new life on the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite? Properly it relies upon. |

Automotive News, a trade magazine, also covered the story, but spokespeople for Toyota and Panasonic refused to confirm the report.

On site, senior business developers declined to speak to News & Record about the option.

Brent Christensen, president and CEO of the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce and one of the region’s top recruiters, said he couldn’t answer questions about the prospect of the mega-site. Likewise, Loren Hill, director of economic development for the Piedmont Triad Partnership, referred questions to Christensen and Randolph Counties.

NC Rep Jon Hardister, a Guilford County Republican and the House majority leader, said the megasite grant is meant to make the state “nimble” should a major prospect consider the triad.

However, he didn’t want to say whether Toyota was considering the location or whether a company’s decision was imminent.

“I think lawmakers want to be agile and we want to create incentives,” said Hardister, should a company expect quick action.

That is more efficient than having the General Assembly hold a special session to consider a massive incentive package.

“The state legislature is usually not talking to potential companies,” said Hardister. He added, “I am confident that there is a potential company.”

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