Karen Buxton coaches Greensboro Faculty in ladies’s triathlon debut | College

“Your patience: it’s intense without being intense,” said Roberts. “She will push you, but she won’t panic or fear you. It’s very comforting, easy to just get you where you need to be, even when it could be very painful and painful. She will push you to your limits, but she will not stress you. If something goes wrong, she will not be disappointed. It will only be positive, nothing but encouraging, and get you where you need to be, where you want to be, and help you achieve your goals as an athlete.

Buxton expects to form the program with six to eight athletes in the first year and build it up to about 13. She will try to find them on campus, maybe runners or swimmers in the university program that she can teach in the other disciplines. A US triathlon combine could be another source of recruits, and international students could also show interest.

Guilford announced the start of the women’s triathlon in 2019, and program director Marty Owens and trainer Brad Herndon have tried to build up during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The small program celebrated Josie Hemmer’s qualification for the NCAA Women’s Collegiate Triathlon National Championship in Tempe, Ariz., In November’s Quakers’ first season.

“The endurance athlete is just a very motivated, typically very successful person in whatever area they choose,” said Herndon, also Guilford’s swim coach. “An athlete who arrives with the mentality to train at an elite level, to perform and to be challenged. They thrive in the classroom. This highly motivated mindset is a bit contagious and I’ve seen it affect our women on the swim team. “

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