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Lao restaurant and bar.

Carl Wilson, News & Record

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GREENSBORO – The owners of two Thai restaurants open a Lao restaurant in the city center.

Vonne Keobouala and Matt “Jit” Lothakoun open the Lao Restaurant and Bar at 219-A S. Elm St.

“We found that people don’t know anything about Laos. Many don’t know where it is, ”said Keobouala.

Keobouala and her brother Lothakoun emigrated to the United States with their family in the 1980s. You have been in the restaurant business for most of your life. They opened Simply Thai in Elon a few years ago and recently opened a second Simply Thai in Jamestown.

Keobouala said there is a growing Lao cuisine movement in the United States, led in part by chefs in larger cities like Washington, DC

“I think the time is right for Lao restaurants,” said Keobouala.

The new restaurant opens on August 28 in the room that used to be Crafted The Art of the Taco and was moved across the street last year.

Laos has a menu that focuses on the traditional cuisine of its homonymous country in Southeast Asia. The flavors of the country are similar to Thai dishes. The two countries share a border.

Plants such as lemongrass, basil, dill, mint, kaffir lime leaves and ginger root give Lao cuisine its distinctive flavor in a variety of dishes including chicken, pork, seafood and a traditional Lao sausage.

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