Lethal bike crashes in Greensboro on its approach to surpass previous years

GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) – The city of Greensboro has seen seven fatal motorcycle accidents in the past seven months, and city guides fear the number could only rise if drivers stop taking precautions on the road.

North Carolina Vision Zero has tracked data on fatal crashes across the state for the past decade.

The latest numbers, which only last until May, show Greensboro had as many crashes as it did in all of 2019 and 2020.

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Most accidents are attributed to riders who do not pay attention to motorcycles.

“Most of these wrecks are avoidable. If people just watched a lot of these wrecks would cease to exist, ”said Sean Patterson, Greensboro Police Officer who is also a member of the department’s motorcycle division.

He’s worked on at least two of the motorcycle deaths this year. He says in at least one of them the driver of another vehicle pulled out in front of a motorcyclist.

“Many drivers are conditioned not to see the motorcycles. You are so prepared and so normalized to see cars on the road – that you just don’t see that many motorcyclists. Another thing is that they’re smaller – so you can’t see them from certain angles. ”

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The reason for the increase in Greensboro cannot be pinpointed, but Patterson believes the city has more residents than the rest of the triad.

City guides encourage anyone who rides a motorcycle or wants to learn more about motorcycle safety to visit Bike Safe NC.


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