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Why can’t you just post the unbiased news instead of the views of the editors and writers?

Editor’s note: The News & Record received no letters regarding the protester’s death.

Oh come on …

Referring to Marc A. Thiessen’s column on Monday, January 3rd, entitled “The 10 Worst Things Biden Did in 2021”:

This is the worst kind of hack journalism. Thiessen concludes that this was the worst first year for a president in his lifetime.

What about the 5.6 million jobs created by Biden in the first nine months of the White House? That contrasts with a loss of nearly 2.9 million in four years under Trump. The US economy has recovered from the pandemic recession miles faster than Europe and China, with forecast annualized growth of 7% in the fourth quarter. Real wage growth is taking place in the US

Check the exchange. It doesn’t work because the US is doing badly. There are so many things wrong with Thiessen’s column that I cannot address in 200 words, but this type of journalism contributes to why Biden’s public approval suffers. The fact is he has accomplished a lot, including saving the economy from collapse, restoring the integrity of the US with its allies, and passing laws to repair our infrastructure.

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