Nipsey Hussle mural drawing folks to the Greensboro retailer to take footage, mirror on the rapper’s impression | Native information

The East Greensboro neighborhood where the mural was painted has an urban demography similar to that of the South Central Los Angeles community where Hussle left his mark, Ross said. Murals like the one in Greensboro are popping up all over the world, he said.

“This is already considered to be one of the best renderings,” said Ross.

Lewis, a bartender who turned to mural painting a few years ago, said he was thrilled to be asked to create the Hussle mural.

“I love creating something that helps people. It makes you feel so amazing… it’s much better than being a bartender, ”he said.

“I dropped everything to paint a living,” said Lewis. “The way I see it, you are doing yourself an injustice if you have a talent and don’t use it. I am now living out my dream. “

Since his latest project first hit social media, Lewis has been bombarded with hundreds of online, text, and email messages.

“It gets so bad that I have to put my cell phone down and don’t have to check anything for a while,” he said.

While the mural is slightly below street level, the men behind the homage believe the location is perfectly suited.

“East Greensboro needs more murals,” said property owner Fahiym Hanna. “The artist likes it when these pieces are hidden so that people look for them, have to work a little to find them.”

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