On the Greensboro occasion, Jim Boeheim apologized for feedback of no worth

Since Syracuse Orange announced in 2011 that it would join Syracuse Orange, SU basketball coach Jim Boeheim has been a treasure trove of quotes that ignore aspects of our new, more southern conference home. The chief among them was his 2017 remark that “Greensboro has no value to play. None ”after Syracuse lost to Miami in the ACC tournament that year.

Since then, the Orange have won a few games in the ACC tournament, and the city’s minor league baseball team has entered the “feud” as well. But as announced back in November, Boeheim traveled to Greensboro this month to apparently finally crush the beef. He seemed to be doing just that last night.

At least on Twitter, Greensboro seems to agree. So is that it?

In a way, it’s fine. Repairing this fence and various others in light of derogatory comments on Denny’s and North Carolina is helping to further bring Syracuse to its knees with the ACC and create a more unified league. What the hell are we doing with all of these shirts at the same time?

Maybe Jim saw an Apology Tour t-shirt or two in Syracuse and took it too literally? Or maybe he saw one of Sean’s apologies and thought it was a serious attempt to atone for Syracuse’s “wrong.” But as I understand it, the # 1 rule of this program and its fan base is that we don’t (actually) apologize for anything.

Is this a new era of good feeling and kindness towards the bigger basketball world? Do we have to stop making jokes about Denny’s? Does this mean we shouldn’t post pictures of Malachi Richardson when someone mentions Virginia Basketball? Jim, I hope you play the long game here and that’s a great trick.

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