Pandemic is contributing to housing and monetary issues in east Greensboro, the panel says | Native information

“The rate in the south and southeast of Greensboro is much higher than anywhere else,” said Sills.

He said 30,000 people in the city have lost their jobs and will struggle to pay rent.

“We are in a very precarious position,” said Sills.

The UNCG Center for Housing and Community Studies partnered with the Greensboro Housing Coalition and Legal Aid of NC to launch the Eviction Resolution Project, a program that provides legal assistance to tenants and, in some cases, emergency funds.

Josie Williams, the new director of the Greensboro Housing Coalition, which helps people find affordable housing, said evictions had increased before the pandemic.

“COVID-19 is exacerbating these problems,” Williams said.

She said her agency received nearly 500 calls last week for people seeking help with eviction or housing. She has helped some through the eviction project.

“GHC has the ability to do something right away, but we have to go one step further,” said Williams.

She wants federal COVID-19 funding to be used to help everyone facing housing problems.

“It is important that we use resources. That we’re working together to fill those gaps, ”said Williams.

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