Push town to Greensboro | Native information

Slide the City hosted more than 80 events in cities around the world, including Phoenix, over the past year.

Courtesy Sack Lunch Productions

By Jonnelle Davis

GREENSBORO – A big party is coming to town this spring.

Its featured guest: a 1,000-foot water slide.

Slide the City, a traveling waterslide, will stop in downtown Greensboro on May 21, according to its website and an event spokeswoman. A similar event is scheduled for June 11th in Raleigh.

Slide the City is applying as a family-friendly water party. The owners started 2014 with just two events, said spokeswoman Amy Gessel. She said Slide the City held more than 80 events in cities around the world over the past year, including Raleigh.

There are plans to build this slide – more than three soccer fields long – near 509 Freeman Mill Road, with the water flowing towards downtown Greensboro.

Gessel said Greensboro’s event will be a block party theme and feature street entertainment, including local acts.

That slide was scheduled to visit Winston-Salem in August, but that event was canceled due to low registration numbers, the Winston-Salem Journal reported.

And some Raleigh residents complained about not being able to slide multiple times despite paying payments, a Raleigh television station reported last month.

There were also complaints that the surface of the slide was not angled enough and that large crowds were waiting to slide.

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