Residents who stayed at dwelling have been arrested outdoors Greensboro Ladies’s Hospital

Police said the seven people protested outside A Woman’s Choice clinic on Randleman Road on Monday March 30th. Greensboro police officers tried to voluntarily submit before obstructing protesters for violating Guilford County’s home stay orders and resisting, delaying and interfering with an officer.

Police said Jason Oesterreich, Justin Reeder and Isaiah Burner have been charged a second time. Andre Gonzalez, 42, of Mooresville, Richard Whittier, 46, of Mint Hill, Leroy Stokes Jr., 58, of Greensboro, and John Mcatee, 56, of Mint Hill were also charged.

Police said the arrested people were part of a group that police contacted before arriving on Saturday. Police informed the group that their presence at Greensboro Clinic would be considered a non-essential activity and they would be tried or arrested.

According to police, the intent of the stay home order is to contain the public health crisis in our community. While violations of the order may be charged with a Class 2 misdemeanor, the Greensboro Police Department’s mission is to achieve voluntary compliance by all individuals and businesses.

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