Scorecard covers Trump’s go to to Greensboro | editorial

Suzanne Carroll: “5. As a Republican presidential candidate, Trump can go anywhere and apply. His message of intolerance and loathing scares me, but the haters who follow and encourage his hideous rhetoric scare me even more. “

Tony Gagliardi: “8. Even if Trump is not my first choice, I will fully support him towards ‘Billary’ and welcome him to NC. “

Anne Wilson: “I tried my best to find something presidential a little way down the street from this man during his speech, but came up short and found him repulsive and downright scary. As always, he spat out anger, sarcasm, and hatred, and the sound of his grating, piercing voice made me wince. I can’t understand this man in the White House. Trump and his supporters get a 0. “

Linda Hill: “8. He’s bombastic and proud of it. He doesn’t answer anyone. He uses his own money, not taxpayers’ money, to promote the presidency. He puts America first. He wants to build a wall on the border between Mexico and the United States. He was supported by 16,000 border guards (a first). He garnered more votes in the Republican primary than any other candidate, even Reagan, in primary history.

“He supports the police. He’s not a professional politician. He wants America to regain the world’s respect. He supports local education. He has not given in to severe criticism from his opponents, including the liberal media. He doesn’t apologize for being a conservative. He claims he wants to replace Obamacare with a smarter plan. He hasn’t talked about his position on NAFTA, Social Security or Medicare. He may be full of BS, but he can’t stand it.

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