Shark Week returns to Greensboro Science Heart | information


Greensboro Science Center has announced the return of its annual Shark Week celebration. This year there is a hot topic, the Shark Olympics.

Shark Week activities today run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. through Saturday July 12-17. Activities and handicrafts are free with general admission or GSC membership.

“Sharks are naturally fascinated by humans, and they occupy many facets of our lives – from popular songs to new scientific discoveries. Shark Week is a way to learn the facts about sharks and allay many of our fears that we are having a bit of fun at the same time. This event is also a way to celebrate the importance and diversity of life in our amazing oceans. By dispelling myths and making sharks a little more lovable, we hope to encourage everyone to help protect sharks. “Said Alison Manka, director of school and aquarium programs.

At the Shark Olympics, guests can find out which shark has won gold for competition meals, high jump, freestyle swimming and more.

July 12 – Munch, Munch Monday

The guests learn what constitutes the diet of the different shark species. The craft of the day will be a paper plate shark doll.

July 13th – A full Tuesday

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