State Revokes Greensboro Drug Abuse Authority | Native information

The state sent three letters to Christal Smith, who is identified as the licensee and CEO of Ready4Change Inc. She is listed on the NC State Department’s office records as a registered agent of the agency. One letter says the state is withdrawing the agency’s license, one is forbidding the group from accepting new clients, and a third is for a fine.

The edited report does not name any customers or employees of Ready4Change, but describes an agency full of violations of government standards, moneymakers and incompetent treatment methods.

Tim Vincent, a co-founder of the agency, said in an email that Ready4Change “disagrees with the findings of the health services department and we are appealing the sentences.

“We take these criminal charges very seriously, but they are just that – allegations,” wrote Vincent. “We have the right to be heard in court to contest the results.”

The agency’s letter to revoke Ready4Change’s license states that the agency will have 10 days from September 4 to submit a written “correction plan” suggesting how it will address alleged violations.

Ready4Change can appeal the fine within 30 days at the state administration office.

Though Vincent has denied this in the past, the report states that company officials operated Ready4Change’s residential program despite attempts to create the appearance that the residential operations were unrelated to the treatment center.

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