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North Carolina state officials have reported planning to revoke the license of a youth care facility in Greensboro because of a recent Medicaid program. United Youth Care Services, which treated clients with drug problems, provided shelter for those they cared for and reportedly caused addiction to many patients to worsen.

The program received a total of three letters from the Health Services Regulation Department last month, all addressed to Sandra Grace, the site’s clinical director. United Youth Care Services has been fined over $ 6,000 and banned from accepting new customers. They were also told that their license would soon be revoked and that they would no longer be able to provide services.

The Division of Health Service Regulation has since released a 60-page report describing the misconduct of the agency’s officials, including interviews the state held with current and former clients and employees. The agency allegedly recruited clients specifically for the fact that they were receiving Medicaid and promised them free housing on the only condition that their Medicaid could be billed by United Youth Care Services.

The report stated that the agency’s executive director and president were paying for “substandard” housing in various locations in Greensboro and exploiting their clients by making their apartment access conditional on their Medicaid treatments being billed and reimbursed through the facility may or may not have taken place or carried out correctly. Many former clients reported that their addictions got worse with the care of United Youth Care Services.

“We believe the allegations are based on inaccurate media articles and that due process has certainly not been initiated,” United Youth Care Services legal advisor Knicole Emanuel said in a statement. Emanuel also represents Ready4Change, another Greensboro organization that has faced similar sanctions.

Although the Center can appeal their license revocation by submitting plans to fix issues, it is unclear whether or not they will initiate this process. The report is serious, however; it shows a range of corruption, illegal practices and intimidation.

A former employee said in an interview that she was a recruiter for United Youth Care Services and was told to “make announcements to potential United Youth Care Services, Inc. customers at the Department of Social Services, at bus stops, while driving do”. public buses, parks, the courthouse and any other public place she thinks people with Medicaid might be. ”She was quoted as saying,“ I handed out brochures and business cards. ‘Hey girl, you’ve got Medicaid, I’ll connect you (to the apartment).’

Another former employee told state officials that she was told to forge medical records and state that the center was treating clients even when they weren’t, which allowed the organization to collect Medicaid reimbursements.

“We wrote notes for people who weren’t in the group or attending class,” the former associate said in the report. “We have a registration form. Sometimes people signed up for other people, sometimes people who weren’t on the registration sheet had a note. The workers were asked to… write notes that have already been billed because they knew they were not in a group. Notes were written dishonestly. “

The report also includes testimony from former clients who told officials that they were pressured to say they use drugs and need treatment for their addiction in order to get housing. Records now show that the people who were illegally placed in “free” shelters by United Youth Care Services are now at risk of eviction and homelessness.

Brett Byerly is the executive director of the Greensboro Housing Coalition, a group that helps people find temporary and affordable housing, and says that even if people in these units are not evicted immediately, there will be “15-20 households” without space give will go. Residents of an apartment complex that houses many United Youth Care Services families have told officials that their homes have been infected by insects and windows and doors have been broken. Another affected complex was shut down by Duke Energy when the contracted leasing agency United Youth Care Services failed to pay the bill.

Most units have since been convicted by inspectors of a number of Code violations, which shows the true extent of the alleged practices of United Youth Care Services.

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