State Sanctions Greensboro Youngster Welfare Company Over Medicaid Program | Native information

The agency has stated that the allegations are false and that they are appealing the results.

“We believe the allegations are based on inaccurate media articles and that due process has certainly not been initiated,” United Youth Care said in a statement from Washington-based attorney Knicole Emanuel.

The authority can appeal against the measures taken by the state with a plan to remedy any deficiencies. On Friday it was unclear where this process stands.

Emanuel also represents Ready4Change, a similar Greensboro agency, which received a letter earlier this month that the state intends to revoke its license.

The United Youth Care Services report extensively cites interviews and emails received from clients and employees that paint a picture of intimidation, corruption and incompetence in the agency’s handling of treatment and placement programs.

A former employee told state investigators she was a recruiter for United Youth Care Services. The report said she made “announcements to potential customers of United Youth Care Services, Inc. in the Department of Social Services, at bus stops, while traveling on public buses, in parks, in courthouses, and in any other public place. where they think people with Medicaid might be ”. . “

The woman was quoted in the report as saying, “I distributed leaflets and business cards. ‘Hey girl, you have Medicaid, I’ll connect you (to the apartment).’ ”

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