State Unveils New Faculty Security Plan at Greensboro Summit | coaching

Held at the UNCG, the summit touched a wide range of school safety issues and included presentations on student mental health, school resource officer training, and school-justice partnerships.

The latter is a model in which representatives from courts, schools and law enforcement agencies agree on strategies to tackle “minor misconduct” such as disruptions to instruction or brawls in the hallways. She demands consequences in school instead of indicting the students and sending them to court.

The government’s school safety action plan calls for stakeholders in each jurisdiction to be brought together through school-justice partnerships to discuss how to address the school-to-prison pipeline.

This is one of the initiatives included in the plan with the aim of improving the school learning environment.

Judge JH Corpening, who was part of such a partnership in New Hanover County, told the audience that for teens and teenagers, quicker, less severe school consequences may be more effective than tougher, but usually delayed, legal sanctions. Your developing brain will make the connection better if the consequence comes sooner after the action, he said.

William Lassiter, assistant secretary of juvenile justice for the North Carolina Department of Public Security, said each of the five goals has its own subcommittee that will oversee the implementation of the initiatives associated with that goal.

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