The Boomerang Venture sees early success as round 70 persons are contemplating returning to Greensboro

GREENSBORO, NC – Greensboro prides itself on innovation, expansion, diversity, and the ability to attract young talent to Gate City.

Because of this, the early success of a recent Aboriginal recruitment project offers an optimistic outlook on the city’s future.

Action Greensboro launched the Boomerang project in November. The initiative has those in the community reaching out to people who grew up in the city, who have left and are now thinking about the idea of ​​coming back.

“We are interested in bringing talent back to Greensboro,” said Action Greensboro’s Cecilia Thompson.

The program works like this: Organizers speak to potential “boomerang” individuals and share information about what Greensboro has to offer. This includes entertainment attractions, parks and recreation, housing prospects, information about the school system and job vacancies.

“We even have a list of potential positions for you to fill out… We have a program called a career search program. It is a program that examines community employment opportunities, ”said Cecelia.

Action Greensboro aims to lure more boomerangs back to Gate City

The goal is for Action Greensboro to compile a list of 100 potential “boomerang” prospects by the end of February. So far, around 70 people have joined, at least five of whom signed up in January alone.

Some of these are due to the unexpected toll the pandemic has caused.

FOX8 spoke to three boomerangs who explained why they had decided to retreat to Greensboro.

They cited a variety of reasons to return from a community with familiar faces, the changing landscape, and economic opportunity.

Affordability and proximity within the city and surrounding cities were listed most frequently.

Cecelia emphasizes that if you or someone you know is considering returning to Greensboro, please visit the website and request more information.

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