The detective attacked by a Greensboro jail inmate stays unconscious, Sheriff’s Workplace says crime

GREENSBORO – A detention officer failed to regain consciousness after being assaulted by an inmate at Greensboro Prison Thursday night, the Guilford County Sheriff’s office said in a press release.

At around 10:30 p.m. Sheldon Kaminsky, 71, was attacked by a 21-year-old prisoner while on duty in a prisoner’s hut, the sheriff’s office announced.

Inmate Elijah J. Evans went to a desk with Kaminsky sitting behind it. After a brief chat, Evans stepped behind the desk and punched Kaminsky with his fist, threw him to the floor and left him unconscious, reported the sheriff’s office.

Kaminsky’s supervisor in a room next door saw the attack and entered the capsule to remove Evans, the sheriff’s office said.

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The sheriff’s office said Kaminsky had been taken to a local hospital where he had remained intubated and unconscious in intensive care for the past four days.

Evans, who has been in custody since June 2 for robbery and assault, remains in jail.

He has since been charged with aggravated assault and assault with a lethal weapon with the intention of being charged with a detention center on duty. According to the sheriff’s office, hands and fists can be considered a lethal weapon under state law if there is a significant difference in the physical stature of the victim and the attacker.

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