The Greensboro Historical past Museum organizes an out of doors occasion to mirror on racial justice domestically

Marshall Lakes paints a mural inspired by a photo taken by Kevin Greene during one of the demonstrations in downtown Greensboro earlier this 2020 group of protesters. The mural of the lakes is one of the exhibits at the Greensboro History Museum.


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GREENSBORO – Music, art, food and poetry will fill Mary Lynn Richardson Park at the Greensboro History Museum on June 5th.

It has been a year since the protests and calls for justice that inspired the museum’s award-winning “Pieces of Now: Murals, Masks, Community Stories and Conversations” exhibition.

“Reflections on Pieces of Now: A History” will take place on June 5th from 4pm to 8pm in the museum’s Mary Lynn Richardson Park. It’s located at 130 Summit Ave., on the corner of Lindsay and Church streets in downtown.

The event is free and open to the public.

It will celebrate artists, teachers and activists while reflecting on changes in the city over the past year and ongoing systemic racial differences across the country.

The afternoon’s cast includes Brandon Green, Chasyn Sparx, Atticus Lane, DJ Mac DaVille and DJ Dlinkwent.

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Visitors can also purchase items from Maho’s Bistro and Scoop Zone Food Trucks, discover interactive art, discover information, and take part in outdoor family activities.

Inside you can explore the “Pieces of Now” exhibition.

In the announcement, Museum Director Carol Ghiorsi Hart said, “2020 was a year of reckoning, and a year later this event will bring together musicians, writers and artists as well as our neighbors as we engage in creative speeches about Now.”

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