The Greensboro household is greatly surprised by the housing company renovations

Sherman Hatch knew the repairs were coming – but didn’t expect a knock on the door early Friday morning.

When the caretaker shows up, it’s usually nice to see him – but what if he’s not expected and you have to get out of the house quickly?

A Greensboro family says it happened to them Friday morning.

Sherman Hatch knew repairs were coming after meeting the Greensboro Housing Authority last month and was genuinely happy with the fixes and upgrades to his townhouse on Baylor Court. But he hadn’t expected that today.

In fact, he received a letter last week from the housing authority managers stating that repairs would be completed on December 22nd, 23rd, and possibly December 24th. But the Hatch family says work on their unit only started today – they don’t have time to spend hours planning where to go.

Because it was raining, Hatch, his daughter, and his grandchildren waited in the car while the workers worked on drywall, paint, and flooring for the power to come back. When they came back in, all of their belongings were piled on their beds.

“We have no place to go and they come in and put everything on the bed,” said Hatch.

Greensboro Housing Authority said workers were out there on Friday to do maintenance on the 11-house complex, but had in some way been working on the complex since late November.

A spokesman made this statement:

“If a resident fills out an adequate accommodation form, GHA would consider a hotel room for the duration of the renovation, depending on reasonable accommodation needs. GHA held resident assemblies in November 2018 to provide information on the construction schedule and the appropriate accommodation process. Renovations are designed to keep residents in place and are typically completed within two weeks of allowing a resident to leave and exit the unit, a process that can cause short-term inconvenience, but the long-term enjoyment of an upgrade and more Hopefully an energy-efficient home will be worth it. “

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