The Greensboro masks raffle contains three suppliers, prime workers and a coalition of nonprofits |

That was April 21, when some council members, including Mayor Pro Tem Yvonne Johnson, considered the city requiring residents to wear masks. And while that didn’t happen, it was on the same day that the Bryan Foundation contacted City Manager David Parrish and offered to help the city in any way they could.

Parrish and city officials agreed that the best way to help the city would be to get as many masks into the hands of residents as possible, and the Bryan Foundation pledged up to $ 3 per mask to help to make this possible.

Various people inside and outside the City Hall, including United Way, the Bryan Foundation, and a group of other nonprofits, began looking for the best ways to source and distribute the masks.

They found three local manufacturers: Liberty’s Alterations by Shonda, Greensboro’s Textile Field USA and Asheboro’s Bossong Hosiery. According to Wilson, these companies adjusted to the manufacture of masks at an early stage.

The city’s first destination has been people who may not be able to get masks for doctor visits, shops, and other necessary outings. So they started talking to Guilford County Schools that feed children in need, the Greensboro Housing Authority, churches, United Way, and others.

The first shipments came in last Tuesday and shipments began, Wilson said. “We started delivering to other organizations either the same day or just before the town hall raffle.”

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