The police chief says murders and violent crime are falling in Greensboro | Native information

GREENSBORO – In mid-2021, violent crime tends to be lower than in the same period in 2020, Police Chief Brian James told the city council on Thursday.

But the year is far from over, and James said even a reduced homicide rate was too much.

Despite the encouraging news, some council members could not hide their displeasure that these crimes continue to be centered on an east-southeast crescent moon that represents many of Greensboro’s poorest neighborhoods. The council members said it was up to them to make changes.

According to police statistics, homicides claimed 19 lives between January 1 and June 30, three fewer than in the same period in 2020. James said the number climbs to 23 when you add that month’s total, compared to 32 at that time last year year.

“If you follow the national news in a lot of cities … crime is actually increasing. Compared to last year we are even trending down, ”said James.

While he couldn’t promise this trend would hold, James presented a variety of positive statistics, including a 17% reduction in the total number of violent crimes that year.

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For example, serious attacks fell by 5% from 944 in 2020 to 897 this year.

The most significant decrease in crime was the decrease in robbery with a gun. By that point in 2020, there had been 154 gun robberies, up from 101 this year – a 34% decrease.

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