The town is requesting a delay within the launch of the Greensboro police video of different incidents information

GREENSBORO – The city appealed to the court after a federal judge ordered the release of police videos related to incidents involving people being held in the same manner as they were used on Marcus Smith before he died – with his hands and feet tied to maintain this arrangement while preparing objections.

The request made on Thursday would temporarily postpone a judge’s order in April that the city deliver a video of 50 such incidents within 45 days.

The federal judge had ruled in favor of the family of Smith, an unarmed black man who died in police custody nearly three years ago, at the request of attorneys.

Smith’s mother and estate have tried the town, eight police officers, and two paramedics from Guilford County in federal court for unjustified death in a controversial case that has drawn Greensboro and the Police Department.

On a September night in 2018, police used a type of restraint known as the RIPP hobble device to subdue and immobilize an excited Smith who was in the midst of a mental crisis and sought help from officers.

Family lawyers argue that the Greensboro Police Department has in the past inappropriately withheld others in a similar manner.

Like other departments across the country, Greensboro has since banned the use of the RIPP hobble device, as well as the practice of tying a person’s hands to their feet when incarcerated.

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