This farm vegetation its crops in Greensboro’s meals wasteland (video) | Newest information

That farm will be able to sell fresh produce to co-op owners at low prices, Greensboro Councilor Marikay Abuzuaiter said.

“You save transport costs,” said Abuzuaiter. “It’ll be just down the street from the cooperative. It was foreseeable for a long time. “

This community-owned cooperative also aims to “create good jobs, healthy living opportunities and prosperity in a neighborhood struggling with obesity, diabetes, unemployment and poverty,” it says on its website.

The organizers of this 10,500-square-foot grocery store, also on Phillips Avenue, have started promoting it to employees, said Bob Davis, president of Concerned Citizens for Northeast Greensboro.

His organization backed Thomas’ grant proposal – a requirement of the federal grant that funds the farm – and led the way in getting the cooperative off the ground.

“The urban farm is a project that we hope will really revitalize northeast Greensboro and the affected citizens,” said Davis. “We are a lot of retirees. We really need a catch to bring in some young people. The urban farm offered an opportunity. “

As organizers build more greenhouses – the grant application called for three – the farm is offering young people the opportunity to take on jobs they manage, said Thomas.

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