This outdated photograph album is lastly within the “proper arms”. Why it is in Greensboro, properly, that is a narrative. | Native

“I would feel absolutely lazy if this got lost in the mail,” explained Corpus. “I felt that something so priceless had to be hand-delivered.”

With a break in his schedule this week, Corpus took a 10 hour flight from California to bring the album to Christopher at his Greensboro home.

“Merry Christmas,” he said to Christopher and his father Joseph Giampino Jr. as they pondered the album on a kitchen table late on Tuesday afternoon.

“That’s pretty cool,” said Christopher, looking at his grandfather’s old pictures. “But it’s almost like looking at a ghost. I get a little fuzzy feeling about it. You know?”

Christopher, 39, said he only met his grandfather, who died in 2002, once. At that time he was about 9 years old.

“He’s been sending me Christmas presents all along,” said Christopher.

But over the years they lost touch.

“And then I tried to reach him when I was 22 and then I found out he died,” said Christopher. “And then his wife told me that she would collect some photos for me. She sent me a few photos 15 years ago. “

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