Furman, a local nonprofit and community leader, challenges political insider Chip Roth for a vacant seat on Greensboro City Council.

GREENSBORO, NC — Greensboro Township Leader and former Guilford County Commission nominee Tracy Furman announced a candidacy for Greensboro City Council on Facebook this morning. Tracy Furman is in an increasingly tight race for Greensboro City Council but is already way ahead of the rest of the field and is the clear choice for Greensboro voters. As the executive director of the local nonprofit Triad Local First, Furman understands the importance of Greensboro’s business community. “Our independent business owners are our neighbors and friends. Our community is stronger when our small business economy is thriving. ”In his election to the city council, Furman plans to make safety and affordable housing a priority.

While her opponent wants to spend time starting politically motivated struggles for this seat, Tracy Furman wants to spend this campaign talking about the issues that matter to Greensboro voters.

Announcing her candidacy this morning, Furman said, “I plan to have a race that focuses on the problems of this city and not spend my time attacking those I disagree with. If my opponents want to spend their time on this rather than focusing on what is important to the Greensboro voters, that is their choice. I’m not focusing on what political insiders have to say because I’m not going to work for them. I only answer you. “

Furman enters the race as the clear choice for Greensboro voters. In the statement announcing her candidacy, Furman says: “If you send me to City Hall, a community will be created that will be stronger for all of us. Bringing the right jobs to Greensboro and using our resources wisely are critical to getting Greensboro back to work. ”Furman has hired Dominic Patafie, a gun violence and mental health attorney, to manage her campaign while they are hers continues important work at Triad Local First. Patafie interned with Congresswoman Kathy Manning’s 2018 campaign. Supporters can contribute to the campaign by visiting

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