Unsupervised cooking resulted in a hearth that killed 5 kids in Greensboro, in accordance with native information

Earlier this week, Irene Agapion-Martinez handed over the tenants’ repair requests for the past month to a detective and the fire investigator. Nothing was done about a stove in the family unit, she said.

The North Carolina African Services Coalition housed the family at the apartment complex 18 months ago when they arrived from the Democratic Republic of the Congo as part of a relocation program. Since then, the agency has stopped furnishing houses due to complaints about living conditions.

Officials have yet to identify the family.

The city has offered free burial sites and others are working on permanent housing for the parents. They found shelter, said Church.

A Gofundme account was set up to cover the costs. By early Friday evening, it had raised approximately $ 39,000.

A private funeral is scheduled for May 26th.

GREENSBORO – Unsupervised cooking was the source and cause of the May 12 apartment fire that killed five children. This was the result of an investigation by the Greensboro Fire Department.

After examining the fire scene at 3100 Summit Ave., Apt. G, investigators determined that the room of origin of the fire was the kitchen, with the area of ​​origin being the range, according to a city press release. Once the area of ​​origin was identified, investigators limited the cause to unsupervised cooking and that the fire was accidental.

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