US $ 50,000 reward presentation for the renovation of Hamburger Platz in Greensboro | Weblog: Go Triad – A&E Further

The money will go into site development, landscaping, and hardscape such as pathways and walls, pavement, and lighting. The city will take care of ongoing maintenance.

Tuesday’s gift brings donations raised so far to $ 65,000, said April Harris, who with David Craft and Randall Romie leads Greensboro Beautiful’s Steering Committee for the Hamburg Square Project.

Of the $ 65,000, $ 10,000 came from Greensboro Beautiful’s board of directors and $ 5,000 from Craft.

The project can be phased out to suit fundraising, Harris said. Greensboro Beautiful requires approximately $ 150,000 in cash; Benefits in kind could cover the rest, she said.

Landscape architect Chip Callaway, councilor Yvonne Johnson and Original City Beautiful coordinator Kitty Robison serve as honorary chairpersons.

The last step of the project – planting – should be completed in the fall.

Hamburger Platz takes its name from the many sandwich shops that were once there.

The intersection was home to hundreds of thousands of travelers in the 20th century, especially when the city was home to the Overseas Replacement Depot during World War II.

Hotels and dozens of restaurants sprang up. There were once four sandwich shops at the intersection.

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